POEM: Australia – A land of beauty

I wrote this poem over 10 years ago, when I was 14 years old! It was such a long time ago, but I think it might’ve been for a school assignment for my English teacher whose name I still remember, Ms Phang. I thought it would be appropriate to share it today in the spirit of “Australia Day/Invasion Day/Survival Day”.

As I stroll along the shore, my feet in the sand
The wind on my face, in a foreign land.
The sun in my eyes, the soft sound of the sea
And the curious stare, of a wallaby.

As I sit in the shade, of a tall gum tree
The crashing waves, I see before me.
The howl of the wind, and a kite flying high
Then as the sun sets, Southern Cross in the sky.
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POEM: My Silent Friend

She knows my secrets
The depth of my joys and sorrows
When others see my deceiving faces
Only she and God hear of my hidden truths

She beckons me to offload my burdens
But lets me be when she knows the strain
Knows the struggle to form the words
To move the lips while the eyes shut in the rain

She is considerate, she is patient
She knows the grievances of my heart
So light is the feeling after she takes my stresses
And turns them into a work of art

Because she is my words that gush forth
In songs and passages and poetry
She is my otherwise silent friend
Who now waits dormant once again.

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POEM: The space between the words of this title

It is a gift we all possess
Yet is seldom given
It has no pricetag
But it has a price
Yet it is priceless

We have plenty of it
Yet we have none
Or rather, we find comfort in telling ourselves that it has its own spirit that cannot be tamed
Yet it very gladly gives in to us when with conviction, we clutch its reigns

We celebrate its progress
Yet we mourn its inevitable end
It is our enemy
It is our friend

It is found between these letters, these words, these stanzas
Between each thought that formed these lines
Found in every day, hour that passes
Yes – it is the falling sands of Time.

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