Listen and Trust


I was asked to talk at an International Women’s Day event, held at the University of Western Australia. Truthfully, I was still trying to overcome a stubborn cough the past month. I don’t know what I was thinking when I accepted the request; I guess I thought those extra 4 days before the event date itself may be enough time to recover…Well, it wasn’t! But do you know what the strange thing was?
The moment I walked in the lecture theatre and saw some old faces who came up to me to greet me, my cough refused to let me have a proper conversation, interrupting rudely every few seconds!
However, when I was called up to give my speech, those 15-20mins I was talking to the small crowd, my cough behaved extremely well and didn’t start its usual rant, not even a single time!
This cough of mine truly has a mind of its own…

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