Why McDonalds is the Best Business School in the World

A year ago today, unbeknown to even my closest friends, I excitedly (and secretly) submitted applications to work at McDonalds around my existing full time role. You may think of me as a bit crazy, and I am sure you may ask, “What would be exciting about working at McDonalds?”

It was after listening to a podcast episode at Rich Dad Education about the concept of “working to learn” rather than “working to earn”, and hearing a fascinating account of the experience of Pat Dennis, who at one stage had applied to become a McDonalds franchise owner. Continue reading “Why McDonalds is the Best Business School in the World”

POEM: Trust

I would not walk these lands
Feared the uncertainty of treading foreign sands
Cautious from the prickles of days gone by
That left painful scars masked by my deceiving eyes

Woodman Point Beach

Yet her vibrant colours beckoned me near
And her winds whispers wiped away my fears
And so I walked her shores discovering pleasure
Discovering warmth and peace and beauty without measure

While there were momentary stings from her grains of fire
Her cool consoling waters would reawaken my desire
To dive in and just wallow in my friend
And learn to trust her once again

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