Beyond The E-Myth: How to create a ‘business’, not a ‘job’ for yourself

A year ago, after learning that one common trait shared by highly successful entrepreneurs is learning through reading books, although I have always preferred reading fiction novels for leisure, I made the commitment in 2015 to read one non-fiction book per month.

Here I am, in December, having read 11 books so far, but struggling this past month with completing multiple books I had attempted to start reading.

With only 15 days left before the end of 2015, it so happened that a podcast I enjoy, Eventual Millionaire, had an episode where the host Jaime Masters, interviewed Michael E. Gerber about his latest book, “Beyond The E-Myth”, which he only released a few days ago.

I felt inspired hearing Michael, now aged 80, speak with passion about his vision to see our economies flourish by Continue reading “Beyond The E-Myth: How to create a ‘business’, not a ‘job’ for yourself”