The time I failed as a writer (but succeeded as an entrepreneur)

Being a writer is a funny thing. I suppose it all depends on who we are writing for. I suppose I am not making any sense at all as I try to collect my thoughts, so let me start at the beginning.

When writing is your passion, you often begin to write simply as an outlet for your random musings or creative ideas that are swimming around your head, where you write for no one but yourself. This can be quite lonely, speaking on the page only to yourself, so somewhere along the way, perhaps out of curiosity over what people will think, you may start to share some of what you have written with others, and if you’re brave enough, you may even elicit their feedback.

Over time, as your confidence builds in your writing abilities, you may perhaps begin to write with an audience in mind, hoping to win over the judges in a writing competition or the editor of a publication, or simply aspiring to entertain or bring about some positive benefit in your reader.

So in light of the possible journey many writers share, the question remains – how do you fail as a writer?

I believe I know how. Continue reading “The time I failed as a writer (but succeeded as an entrepreneur)”

The Comfort in Death | The Death in Comfort

In 2016, I made a discovery. I cannot claim it to be a new one, but in the fact that it is a concept that continues to be recycled over and over, in the realms of both spirituality and entrepreneurship, it is one that must be retold.

There is comfort in death that I had not known before. I came to this realisation in a time of facing multiple challenges and stresses in my life, in my health, studies, work and finances. I realised one day Continue reading “The Comfort in Death | The Death in Comfort”

Why McDonalds is the Best Business School in the World

A year ago today, unbeknown to even my closest friends, I excitedly (and secretly) submitted applications to work at McDonalds around my existing full time role. You may think of me as a bit crazy, and I am sure you may ask, “What would be exciting about working at McDonalds?”

It was after listening to a podcast episode at Rich Dad Education about the concept of “working to learn” rather than “working to earn”, and hearing a fascinating account of the experience of Pat Dennis, who at one stage had applied to become a McDonalds franchise owner. Continue reading “Why McDonalds is the Best Business School in the World”

New Year’s Eve: A Time for Reflection, Not Resolutions

For many of us, New Year’s Eve may be bittersweet – sweet in the enjoyment of New Year’s celebrations with friends or loved ones, yet bitter when we think about resolutions we made a year ago that we did not keep.
I believe the mistake we make is Continue reading “New Year’s Eve: A Time for Reflection, Not Resolutions”