POEM: Trust

I would not walk these lands
Feared the uncertainty of treading foreign sands
Cautious from the prickles of days gone by
That left painful scars masked by my deceiving eyes

Woodman Point Beach

Yet her vibrant colours beckoned me near
And her winds whispers wiped away my fears
And so I walked her shores discovering pleasure
Discovering warmth and peace and beauty without measure

While there were momentary stings from her grains of fire
Her cool consoling waters would reawaken my desire
To dive in and just wallow in my friend
And learn to trust her once again

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POEM: Freedom

Some fear marriage is a prison
When it is actually freedom
Freedom for the loving soul, who seeks security and fulfilment
Who is otherwise shackled by uncertainties and inhibitions
Freedom for the cautious heart, who seeks love and acceptance
Who is otherwise caged by its own defences
Freedom for the confused mind, who seeks clarity and focus
Who is otherwise chained by indecision and inconsistencies
Freedom for the virtuous senses, who seek purity in pleasure
Who are otherwise restrained in their modesty before God.

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POEM: The silence of friends

Is the silence deafening?
You seem anxious as you sprinkle your words in the stillness of this quiet room.

Is the silence comforting?
You seem peaceful as I watch you float from this place to a private world of your own.

Is the silence beautiful?
You seem pleased as you share this moment of quiet contemplation.
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Rajo Fundraiser Performance – the story they didn’t know…

I look at the clock – 12:20pm, implying there is less than six hours before I am expected at Morley Recreation Centre for the Rajo Fundraiser! I take a deep breath and glance at the printout of the poem I have written just for the night.

I still remember my initial telephone conversation with Alim those many weeks ago; I remember listening to him  Continue reading “Rajo Fundraiser Performance – the story they didn’t know…”

POEM: Forever Dreaming

I just had the great pleasure of speaking to a lively bunch of my peers, from the Young Women’s Leadership Program, facilitated by Alicia Curtis. This is a poem from my book that I had hoped they would relate to in their own journeys towards the realisation of their dreams.
* * *

Have you ever had a dream
That you never dared believe you could reach
That just too ‘impossible’ it seemed
And so only to Him, of those wishes, you would speak.

Yet have you arisen one day
From restless, unfulfilled sleep
To suddenly be feeling the rays
Of a hope you had hidden deep.

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Why Poetry?

Writing in general has always been a source of comfort for me, theraputic in its process. But Poetry in particular is an especially unique avenue of expression that is both obvious yet mysterious, in which a handful of words sequenced in well-thought-out ways can have meanings deeper than the ocean. Poets are Artists, Paper their Canvas, Pen their Brush, and Words their Paint in all the colours of the rainbow.

Funnily enough, a poem I wrote recently, titled “My Silent Friend” describes exactly why I love Poetry as a form of expression.
In this poem, I talk about how writing/poetry is my Silent Friend who, “knows my secrets, the depth of my joys and sorrows; when others see my deceiving faces, only she and God hears of my hidden truths.” (i.e. sometimes I may appear my normal self to the outside world, but Poetry learns of what may be heavy on my mind).

I go on to describe how poetry understands me and how exhausting

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POEM: Freestyle

I usually don’t “try” to write poetry; rather in a moment of inspiration or deep emotion, I discover thoughts becoming words that beg for an outlet, which develops into one of my poems! However, below is an example of one of those rare moments in which I decided I was going to take out my notebook and force myself to write something, anything, just for the sake of writing, in an attempt to conquer my writing drought. The poetic stream of consciousness written below came about during my travels in March 2011 while I was sitting on the plane with nothing much to do but write

Putting pen to paper
Writing whatever comes to mind
Unsure of where these black lines forming words will lead
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