The One

I love that You love me in spite of my flaws;
I love how You’re there for me before a moment’s pause.
I love every moment I can spend with You;
I love that experience of the Love that is True.

I love knowing that You’ll never be the instrument of my pain;
I love how with every thought of You, in my heart, peace does reign.
I love how the times I spend with You help me forget this world insane;
I love that You’re closer to me than my own jugular vein.

I love how You are there for me even before I call;
I love how You help me see that my problems are but small.
I love that You look out for me, though I remain unaware;
I love how, for me, You always have time to spare.

I love how You continue to care for me in spite of my crime;
I love how You never cease to give even while I give You no time.
I love that You are so forgiving, though my wrongs be a mountain tall;
I love that You love to erase them and make them forgotten by all.

I love how with just one step towards You, You come running to me;
I love the Love You give me that others don’t see.
I love how with You, I can simply be;
I love the feeling of how with Your Love, I am truly free.

Video Performance

On 28 June 2018, I had the pleasure of sharing some of my poems in the warm, vibrant & inviting atmosphere of ARC Artist Retail Collective Inc, Armadale. In this video, I read a poem called “The One”

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