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I used to believe that I had just one calling in life, which I had to seek out and specialise in. I always struggled with this belief because of how varied my passions were – from writing poetry to calculating the Maths of life, from empowering the less privileged in the community to growing wealth through trade and investment!

Thankfully, I’ve stopped trying to fit the mould and embrace that I am and will continue to be a “blur”, moving my spirit and influence from one venture to the next, while recognising the common thread amidst the multicoloured tapestry of my life – my ultimate vision to make a massive impact in the lives of others. I now recognise that my extensive and varied experience with individuals of all ages and from all walks of life has only served my vision by enabling me to better understand and influence a positive SHYFT in every individual I come to know.

So if you have known me over the years, perhaps you may have known me as a high school teacher, or maybe a trader, hoon, poet, rapper, trainer or speaker. A wise woman reminded me once that there is no need for me to say “I used to be…” when I am but a culmination of all my experiences and all the more richer for them.

Nonetheless, in spite of where life may beckon me, writing continues to remain a passion that is underlying, and like water, forever quenches the thirst of my eclectic spirit.

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Raihanaty A. Jalil

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