Dedicated to the Palestinian people whose very existence is resistance.

I can’t find the words to express this
This feeling of forlorn and helplessness
Anger, disbelief, shock and pain
The injustice under a tyrannical reign

Torturous cries and mountains of dead
Our hearts shatter at such bloodshed
Like a limb that is ravaged by a swarm of bees
The whole body suffers and can feel no ease

But I never lose hope in the Most Just
In Whose Power I can have full trust
In Whose Wisdom I hope to understand
As our brothers and sisters fight for their land

We mourn their dead but their dead smile
Their souls no longer in a perpetual trial
Their mothers in mansions replacing homes destroyed
Their children finally knowing the meaning of freedom and joy

May Allah ease the hearts of those left behind
May He open the eyes of the blind
May our brothers and sisters live to see
A Palestine that is finally free.

Author: Raihanaty A. Jalil

Raihanaty A Jalil writes poetry and fiction and has been on a panel during Perth Festival Writers Week 2019. She has performed a reading of her work at the Wheeler Centre Melbourne during the Digital Writers’ Festival 2019. She currently sits on the board for Centre for Stories.